I’m Eliza Wolfson and I’m a scientific illustrator with a more than casual interest in microbiology. I have nearly 10 years of lab research experience, a lot of biological, biochemical and microbiological expertise, but I’ve been a full time scientific illustrator and science communicator since 2016. If you’d like to know a bit more about how I made the transition to illustration from academia, I wrote a blog about it here.

What sort of scientific expertise do I have? Well, after finishing my BSc & PhD at the University of Edinburgh, I did a couple of post-docs at the Roslin Institute, Cambridge University and Bristol University. I worked on how E. coli and Salmonella bacteria manipulate our cells to live on or in them, but I got to do this in places where I learned about a lot more. I filled my head with pretty pictures of the molecular details of life and the universe, but not everything. I want to know more!

If you’re interested in commissioning any scientific diagrams, illustrations, comics or illustrative branding please contact me. I am also a lifeology-certified creator and am happy to be involved in design and illustration of scientific outreach and communication activities or content. Or if you would rather buy prints or merch of existing designs, please visit my Redbubble or INPRNT shop.